Friday, November 27, 2009

Ulysses Moorre series

Jason, a dreamer, Julia, a big city girl also Jason's twin sister and Rick an intellectual kid with extra bright ideas fall into the blending of a extraordinary story when, Jason and Julia's parents move to Argo manor a large mansion with lots of secrets They find a large door with four key holes
then find four keys, also a crypted message, a poem of somekind.

In the end of the first book they find a boat in a small grotto with no means of escape. Questions are the only answer where does it lead, anywhere? They climb aboard trying to uncover its secret Jason does something the world swirls and they are someplace hot. What? Where? When? Thats what they want to know.

This is a wonderful series though you know theses three children must make it through the hardships set out on their rickety path of destiny it still is unforeseeable. With each book the ending is the perfect concoction of satisfaction and anticipation for a safe ending, which defiantly leaves you wanting more! This fantastical book makes you want to believe in magic.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

THE Exquisite Corpse

If you like:
  1. Jon Scieszka
  2. Katherine Paterson
  3. Lemony Snicket
  4. Shannon Hale
  5. Natalie Babbitt
  6. Kate DiCamillo
  7. Nikki Grimes
  8. M.T. Anderson
  9. Calef Brown
  10. Timothy Basil Ering
  11. Susan Cooper
  12. Steven Kellogg
  13. Gregory Maguire
  14. Megan McDonald
  15. Patricia and Fredrick McKissack
  16. Linda Sue Park
  17. James Ransome &
  18. Chris Van Dusen
Then surely you will like The Exquisite Corpse. These exquisite authors will each write a chapter in The Exquisite Corpse. Jon Scieszka started us off with fake vampires, real ninjas, rollerskating babies, 2 meatballs, an Elephant Clown Party, werewolves, mad scientists, a talking pig, creatures from another planet, killer poetry, 2 bad Knock Knock jokes, clues from children`s literature and many more fantasizing creatures all fit in...
THE Exquisite Corpse!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crows and Cards written by Joseph Helgerson, illustrated by Peter de Seve

Zebulon Crabtree, better known as Zeb, is being sent to work for his Uncle Seth (much to his disappointment). His Uncle Seth works with furs, Zeb is deathly afraid of campfires, splinters, heights, dark places, and sneezes intolerably around fur. He is trying not to cry thinking of how his father did not even wave goodbye after he hastily disposed of him on the steamer, when a nicely dressed man comes to comfort him. After measuring him, giving up, and finally coming back, does the man make Zeb shed blood to swear secrecy and loyalty to the brotherhood of ship gambling. This mysterious man is like Robin Hood, cheating the rich and giving to the needy. Zeb wonders if he made the right choice working for him, but can't see himself in a fur barn. This wordy book is so capturing you will wonder if you made the right choice reading it. Fear of crows, mystery, romance, and more -- this story has a taste of everything and big bite of suspense. It won't let you stop halfway through. Sit tight and read this complex cobweb of a plot.