Friday, November 27, 2009

Ulysses Moorre series

Jason, a dreamer, Julia, a big city girl also Jason's twin sister and Rick an intellectual kid with extra bright ideas fall into the blending of a extraordinary story when, Jason and Julia's parents move to Argo manor a large mansion with lots of secrets They find a large door with four key holes
then find four keys, also a crypted message, a poem of somekind.

In the end of the first book they find a boat in a small grotto with no means of escape. Questions are the only answer where does it lead, anywhere? They climb aboard trying to uncover its secret Jason does something the world swirls and they are someplace hot. What? Where? When? Thats what they want to know.

This is a wonderful series though you know theses three children must make it through the hardships set out on their rickety path of destiny it still is unforeseeable. With each book the ending is the perfect concoction of satisfaction and anticipation for a safe ending, which defiantly leaves you wanting more! This fantastical book makes you want to believe in magic.

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