Monday, July 6, 2009

Crows and Cards written by Joseph Helgerson, illustrated by Peter de Seve

Zebulon Crabtree, better known as Zeb, is being sent to work for his Uncle Seth (much to his disappointment). His Uncle Seth works with furs, Zeb is deathly afraid of campfires, splinters, heights, dark places, and sneezes intolerably around fur. He is trying not to cry thinking of how his father did not even wave goodbye after he hastily disposed of him on the steamer, when a nicely dressed man comes to comfort him. After measuring him, giving up, and finally coming back, does the man make Zeb shed blood to swear secrecy and loyalty to the brotherhood of ship gambling. This mysterious man is like Robin Hood, cheating the rich and giving to the needy. Zeb wonders if he made the right choice working for him, but can't see himself in a fur barn. This wordy book is so capturing you will wonder if you made the right choice reading it. Fear of crows, mystery, romance, and more -- this story has a taste of everything and big bite of suspense. It won't let you stop halfway through. Sit tight and read this complex cobweb of a plot.

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