Friday, December 7, 2012

Under Wildwood Book 2

     This book is thrilling and lives up to the high standard set by Wildwood. Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis artfully manage to keep the multiple threads of the story intertwined just enough so it won't fall apart, but they still leave you wanting more. The story again follows Prue, and Curtis, as well as introducing us to Curtis's family-most prominently his sisters, Elsie and Rachel. Curtis's sisters are left behind in Portland when someone in a remote area of Africa thinks they spot Curtis. Finding no alternatives, Elsie and Rachel are boarded in the local orphanage, but it's no ordinary orphanage, the founders hobby is machine parts and his workers are the orphans. Elsie and Rachel must try to assimilate quickly or else.
     Meanwhile Prue is living an almost normal life in Portland, missing the pizzazz of the "Impassable wilderness" when she suddenly realizes her science teacher is trying to kill her-no really. Darla, her pseudo science teacher, a shape shifter and assassin is assigned to kill Curtis, Prue, and Iphigenia the elder mystic. Although she comes very close the Wildwood bandits rescue Prue just in time. Darla is the main antagonist and a very powerful enemy.
     Curtis is having the time of his life when things get complicated all around. He abandons another family and faces a lot of guilt. He and Prue also become the heroes of an underground city of moles, which was built by one of the architects that designed Alexei, the Dowager Governess's lost son. Prue was told by the Council tree that she needed to find both the makers and reconstruct the true heir. Also the founder of the orphanage is hired to build Alexei's heart, but by the enemy force!  This complicated Tapestry leaves no loose threads but does have a huge cliffhanger. One of the reasons that the couple's books are so good is because they are patient and paint a gorgeous scene for every page of the book and although long they go by so quickly because you wont want to put the book down.
Eagerly awaiting a third-
Elizabeth Shaw

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