Thursday, September 25, 2008

Merlins Dragon By: T.A. Barron

Basil was lost. He had never even known what kind of animal he was. All around him, everybody was somehow magical, he had felt like a regular locust. With his bat like wings and two big ears, he felt useless. Not until a heron figured out he could change smell did he know he had any magic at all. But later when Dagda (a god of wisdom) tells him he is very special, he stands up to all tasks. As Basil fights endlessly with Rhita Gawr (the BAD god of war) he sees himself anew, not Basil the Floppy Winged Lizard, but Basil the Great,
Basil the Strong. This story fills you up with the characters' emotions and won't let you put it down until it is finished.

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